More than a satisfactory offering
Lorenzo Ottone
10:30 7th June 2019

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It may sound unusual that Mattiel have already completed their second album in less than two years with an EP squeezed in on the side. If you are familiar with the Atlanta-based band though, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Singer Mattiel Brown is a creative volcano who has created an astonishing trademark sound matched by a self-styled aesthetic mirroring her love for fashion and design. 

Sophomore album Satis Factory isn’t just an excellent follow-up to the self-titled debut, but also a treat for the eyes. From the graphic concept behind the cover artwork to the visuals for ‘Keep The Change’, Mattiel immerses herself in a post-industrial landscape hosting a spectrum of beiges, a stark contrast to her compositions. 

Stylistically Satis Factory mostly coincides with its predecessor, however shows new aspects of Mattiel. ‘Food For Thought’ is an infectious pastiche of spoken-word indie and 60s organs with a B-52s-esque charm. ‘Millionaire’ and ‘Long Division’ provide introspective cuts with a cinematic feeling and echoes of Lou Reed. This constant balance of modern and retro sounds is the added value to Mattiel’s music. Producer Jonah Swilley worked with Mattiel to carefully put together seamlessly orchestrated 60s Spector-esque R'n'B sounds with a contemporary indie appeal. 

We should feel blessed that Mattiel has allowed us another trip into her kaleidoscopic, visionary mind where music, arts and fashion all come together like only rarely happens. On a side note, Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, hire her!

Satis Factory is released on 14 June 2019 via Heavenly Recordings. 

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