From The Magic Gang to Beabadoobee
16:11 24th July 2020

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Everyone's a critic. And we mean that in the best way possible. All opinions are valid; many are fascinating. There are so, so many people in this world that we would like to hear from. Would Bill Bryson dig the latest Black Midi track? How about Usain Bolt? Pick a name out of a hat and wonder what they'd think of the latest underground's hard to resist musing about it. 

Wonder no more. In our latest feature, we're asking a clutch of disparate people what they think about the newest alternative releases and having them guest review some of our personal favourites. First up it's that bastion of cardiovascular joy, Mr. Motivator. Ahead of his 'set' as part of Y Not Festival At Home, which takes place today (24 July) and tomorrow (25 July) here.

Lazarus Kane - Night Walking

"I love this beat it's so me. I can do so many moves to this track. It would be great as an instrumental."

Lynks Afrikka - How To Be Successful

"It's motivational, great life lessons, a must if you feeling lost or just need a pick up."

Keaton Dekker - ITYK

"Gentle voice draws you in, rich tones, he will go far so make the time for Keaton."

Joe & The Shitboys - The Reson For Hardcore Vibes 2

"I have such problems listening and giving any time to bad language, does not fit in my space."

Sinead O’Brien - Strangers In Danger

"Unusual and clever way to deliver a song, singing is left behind as Sinead talks her way through, the whole song."

Biig Piig - Don’t Turn Around

"Nice is the only word I can use. Lively mix. I have found another track that I can do stomach crunchies to."

The Magic Gang - Make Time For Change

"Song is great for the summer, but the video is a turn off."

Aluna, Princess Nokia & Jada Kingdom - Get Paid

"Love it! I could listen to this often it's now on my iPod."

Beabadoobee - Care

"Perfect for that Saturday AM wake me up after a night of too much partying."

The Goa Express - Be My Friend

"You need to be spaced out to enjoy this, a condition of the mind that I could only imagine. My head is hurting after one minute. Oh the noise."

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