More comeback sounds from an indie staple
Jessie Atkinson
10:43 18th September 2020

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Black Honey have shared the second single from their new body of work; another track arriving as a comeback of sorts after a two year break from releasing music. 'Run For Cover' fits neatly into the Black Honey canon.

With that ever-popular riff powering things in the beginning ('Sound Of The Underground' by Girls Aloud, anyone?), Izzy B. Phillips is soon pouring forth her perfectly riot grrrl vocals into a storm of rock'n'roll clashes and sweat-drenched bpm.

As ever, by the third listen, Black Honey's lyrics appear magnificently  from behind the guitars:

“’Run For Cover’ is about the nuances in sex...we wrote the song from a man's perspective" Phillips said of the new track.

The cut follows recent comeback release 'Beaches', "a cutesy blend of playground rhymes à la The Raincoats and Sleigh Bells with some smart wind instruments tooting in the background."

Details of a second album are coming soon.

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