SweatNet was coded from scratch by the band
Jessie Atkinson
12:54 29th June 2020

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Peckham's Sweat have been spending lockdown conceiving and coding a new online venue from scratch. The five-piece announce the opening of the club this afternoon with a special hologram performance of their new track 'Drink Drive:\'. It kicks off a month-long VR Festival.

As well as performances from Sweat themselves, expect virtual shows from Lynks Afrikka, Jessica Winter, PVA and more. Each artist will perform 'live' via hologram and broadcast into the online club. Pretty neat.

The club can be accessed here. 

There's a live chat function on the site too so you can simulate conversations in the pit, plus a merch stand where you can buy products from all performing artists. 

The debut feature track 'Drink Drive:\' by Sweat themselves is a clanking, gentle electronic track about identity theft. Its themes are excellently mirrored in the post-Apocalyptic surrounds of the virtual club, as well as in the futuristic font of Sweat's design.

All very cool. Plus, viewers will be encouraged to support struggling grassroots venues by donating via a link inside the club to Save OUr Venues. Black Lives Matter will receive all funds from Sweat's first run of merch sales. 

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