It's six years since their last full-length release
Jessie Atkinson
09:47 20th October 2020

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The Staves have announced their first album in six years. Good Woman will be the trio of sister's third studio record and is set to arrive in February on Atlantic.

The title track lands today with great fanfare - it's a soaring sampler of Good Woman and a reminder to fans why this is such a prized band. Listen for some very compelling folk pop and some killer harmonies.

The Staves can be excused for the time it has taken them to make a new record: in the intervening years between If I Was and Good Woman, The Staves lost their mother and Emily had a baby. 

It’s taken us a long time to get here" The Staves said in a press note, When we think about making this album we think about moments and snapshots of all the different contexts we were in as it was made...We think of love. Big, big love. Our Mum. Our Dad, Our friends. And of loss. Death and birth. Womanhood, motherhood. Sisterhood."

In August, the trio shared 'Nazareth', a track that will not appear on the record. September's 'Trying', however, will get a feature.

Good Woman Tracklist:

1. Good Woman
Best Friend
3. Careful, Kid
4. Next Year, Next Time
5. Nothing’s Gonna Happen
6. Sparks
7. Paralysed
8. Devotion
9. Failure
10. Satisfied
11. Trying
12. Waiting On Me To Change

Good Woman arrives 5 February Atlantic Records.

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Photo: Sequoia Ziff