A hazy masterpiece
Joe Smith
14:19 22nd June 2021

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Fusing together neo-psychedelia and dream pop, Margot's lates single ‘Fame’ depicts the cruel world of reality television.

Brazen behind glistening guitars and introspective vocals, Margot have quickly found their sound. With clear shoegaze influences, and immaculate production, Margot offer a fresh take on moody wooze, one that we’re eager to hear more of.

On the track, the band have said:

"Fame started a while ago when I used to work in TV, and it's gone through quite a few iterations. It's about the culture that surrounds reality TV. The focus is on the superficial and illusion. It's pretty horrid. It portrays a misleading representation of reality that appears to have both adverse effects on the reality tv stars and those who follow them. It's fickle, enticing and dangerous for young people, and I personally don't think it's something to aspire to, so I wrote `fame.’”

See Margot live:


10 - The Sebright Arms, London

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Photo: Kelly Fung