Take your meds, do your exercise and maybe give this a listen
Jessie Atkinson
10:16 9th June 2020

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Peckham-based band Margot have unveiled their brand new single today - and it's a real piece of chill-out quasi-psychedelia. The five-piece comfort a depressed friend with the delightful new single, out now via Full Time Hobby.

Drawn out guitar lines make a lazy web of gossamer threads that twist into a mesmerising electronic soundscape reminiscent of the War on Drugs. There are tropes of indie in here too: bright, sunny stabs of guitar and the soothing lilt of frontman Alex Hannaway's voice.

Sweetly, it's a song about looking after a friend going through the throes of depression. "I'm on the end of the phone" Hannaway sings with surely a smile on his face. Take your meds, do your exercise and maybe give this a listen, yeah?

Delving further into themes of mental health, the band said: "It’s about listening, friendship, understanding, I’ve had experiences where friends, family members have been patient, they’ve been persistent and caring, and it’s this that has really helped me in my life."

Another coping mechanism Margot have been using to get through lockdown is karaoke - so they've made a separate video for you to do your own version of this new tune. Find it here.

Margot appeared in our Hello Tomorrow feature back in January, so you can find out more about the band here. 

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