She continues to standout from her contemporaries
Hannah Browne
10:26 17th June 2021

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Though relatively new to the scene, Griff has trailblazed her way to the top. From her largely self-produced, self-written catalogue, which envelops a bold pop milieu, to her distinctive visual aesthetic, one masterful output after another she continues to standout from her contemporaries.

Taking the listener on an introspective journey of highs and lows, One Foot In Front Of The Other juxtaposes buoyant beats with melodramatic, sentimental narratives of love and loss.

In the opening lines of ‘Earl Grey’, Griff offers an intimate lens into themes beyond romantic heartache. Against mellow piano chords, she discusses mortality: “You’re so scared you’re ageing faster, so you drink earl grey tea ‘cause you heard that’s the answer / And you’re so scared of dying slowly, but why aren’t you more scared of dying lonely?”. The subdued track intricately savours Griff’s vulnerable vocal, whilst having an air of being wise beyond her years.

With great versatility, the remainder of the EP has you dancing throughout. Its lead single and opening track ‘Black Hole’ casts a lingering shadow with its alt-pop hooks, whilst the transient synths of ‘Dreams’ complement the hazy memories of a past lover. Consistently moving forward in both musical and physical direction, tracks ‘One Foot In Front Of The Other’ and ‘Walk’ contain a positive sentiment that finds Griff overcoming obstacles and projecting her optimism through to the EP’s final moments. “And all you’ve gotta do now is walk” Griff concludes, as she praises an unknown greatness.

One Foot In Front Of The Other is an exceptionally confident debut EP with an experimental yet accessible appeal. Certifying Griff as one of the most exciting ‘Rising Stars’, as labelled by her BRIT Award win, here, she demonstrates lyrical maturity and promising artistry with negligible imperfections.

One Foot In Front Of The Other EP arrives 18 June via WMG/Warner.

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