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10:45 2nd June 2021

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The Spectrum EP: a melting pot of psychedelic soul, dreamy synth pop with a sprinkle of reggae influences, hiphop and R'n'B, it's underpinned by a modern, free-flowing, genre-fluid presentation which has been described as futuristic nostalgia: you recognise the sounds but you never heard it presented like this. 

In a nutshell it’s future pop soul and R'n'B: a re-imagination, interpolation and interpretation of the past and present to make sense of where I am right now and possibly create new pathways for expression with no borders in the future...

'Brown Angel'

'Brown Angel' is a modern day psychedelic blues song with hip hop and R'n'B undertones. It’s been described as a stoner's lovesong. 



'Telephone' is a psychedelic pop/rock song that instantly transports you to a 1980’s movie theatre and laments unrequited love and moments lost that you can’t get. Think Daft Punk meets The Smiths:)



Waistline is an upbeat, feel good  nostalgic afro-latin tropical pop song with groovy synths reminiscent of 80’s pop. An odd ball to get the good times rolling and whine your waistline to!



Serious has a pop/R'n'B mood with a futuristic sheen. It basically about how sex can sometimes complicate friendships, so while sometimes it’s great to be in the moment it’s also key to be intentional with your actions.  


'Square One'

'Square One' is an alt/R'n'B song which reminisces good times in a relationship and the possibility for reconciliation. Kinda how a lot of people were feeling over lockdown when we just wanted things to go back to ‘normal’. 


'Just Cry'

'Just Cry' is an upbeat song about heartbreak and how it’s ok to cry things out sometimes. It echoes an image of summertime in Miami and has my happy/sad boy vibe cos it’s an upbeat song about crying!

Spectrum EP is out now.

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Photo: Faith Aylward