Another slice of June's Spectrum EP
Jessie Atkinson
11:57 28th April 2021

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Newcomer Tamaraebi has shared his brand new single, 'Telephone', today. Another slice of the forthcoming EP Spectrum, which is out in June, the single follows the gorgeous 'Brown Angel', released in March.

Less smoked out than its predecessor, but no less demonstrative of Tamaraebi's natural songwriting abilities, 'Telephone' is a more upbeat slice of this artist's psychedelic RnB pop repertoire.

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Daniel Tamaraebi was born in Lagos and has lived in Nairobi, Sudan, Tanzania and then Leeds in the UK. Now in London, Tamaraebi has a lifetime of singing experience, having gotten his start at the Pentecostal churches of his youth.

"When I sing I don't feel shy, I enjoy it," he said, "because that's when I feel the most connected to everybody. They're just in the moment and we share this... thing. It's like a big group hug and I like that. I definitely feel like I was born to sing."

Again, we must wholeheartedly agree.

Spectrum EP Tracklist:
1. Brown Angel
2. Waistline
3. Square One
4. Telephone
5. Just Cry
6. Serious
Spectrum EP arrives 19 May via Believe.

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