Hazy, shimmering + lovely
Jessie Atkinson
11:00 18th September 2020

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Swedish crooner Late Verlane is crooning away again on the delicious new single 'speedfight'. Debuting with 'Poolside' last year, he's since built a name for himself as a nostalgic crafter of delicate sounds.

'Speedfight' is no different: it's a shimmering, hazy soundscape in which Verlane can muse about times gone by. Remembering younger days, he's catchily wistful and a dab hand on the guitar.

“The lyrics are a love letter to when everyone was driving around aimlessly in the neighbourhoods with mopeds” Verlane explains, connecting the song title with the brand of vehicle he used to drive. "It focuses on my childhood friend Max who always drove around looking for excitement and sometimes trouble. Sadly, he died a few years later."



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