But Swedish stars would like to record one more song
Andrew Trendell

09:06 10th April 2014

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ABBA have revealed that they turned down the offer of $1billion to embark on a final reunion tour, but added that they would like to record one final song together. 

The 'Waterloo' pop sensations first came to the world's attention when they stormed Eurovision 40 years ago, going on to sell millions of records. They split in 1982. 

Now, speaking at a recent event at the Tate Modern in London, former member Frida Lyngstad spoke out about a recent meeting the band had several months ago to discuss a potential reunion. 

 "We only have one answer and that is no - we’re not going to do it," said Lynstad said, reports RTE

Referring to a nearby image of ABBA in their prime, she continued: "That’s how we looked at that time, with all the energy, excitement and motivation. It’s not exactly the same nowadays, if you know what I mean.

"We all met because we wanted to talk about what we should do for our 40th. It was a lovely meeting. It was like time had stood still and we were back to where we were.  We had the same bond, we bonded instantly. But no amount of money would change our minds. Maybe we sometimes say it would be good to do a song together again, just a recording and nothing else, but I don’t know if that will happen - so don’t say that we will!

Lyngstad added: "There’s isn’t a day when we’re not reminded about Abba. It has brought so many happy things into my life."

Watch ABBA performing 'Waterloo' at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest below

The 59th Eurovision Song Contest will be held on Saturday 10 May in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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