'Doom Generation' by Cat SFX is out now
Jessie Atkinson
14:21 3rd August 2020

Alan McGee's Creation 23 - the latest venture for the man most famous for signing Oasis - is marking its second birthday with a slew of new signees and releases.

Deep in the recesses of isolation, McGee was busy lining up some new names to release on Creation 23. Cat SFX, Shambolics, The Clockworks, Charlie Clark, Belowsky and Sister Psychosis will all share releases on the label - one single per month for the rest of the year. 

Kicking things off this July was Cat SFX with 'Doom Generation':

Launched two years ago, McGee said of the Creation 23 mission: “I want to put out records again. I’ve missed it. There’s a lot of good music around and it feels like a good time to do it”.

The mogul will prove it with the following releases:

The Clockworks (August)
The Shambolics (September)
Charlie Clark (October)
Belowsky (November)
Sister Psychosis (December)

Photo: Press