Announces debut EP
Jessie Atkinson
12:55 3rd August 2020

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The Vaccines' keyboardist Timothy Lanham has released a single under the solo guise of T Truman. The flamboyant 'Rock 'n' Roll' announces the release of his debut EP Born To Be Right, coming out in September.

Spiralling and nostalgic, the keys-based indie pop elegy for times gone by begins by procaiming that rock is "six feet under". Lanham bemoans the genre's relative unsuccess via the medium of a stargazing roladex of power pop rock à la Big Star and Todd Rundgren.

Should have been born in another era eh, Lanham? 

“This song is a tear I’m shedding for the genre of music I’m in the business of making. If I was around in ’73, I’d be a raging success" he said of 'Rock 'n' Roll'. 

The glitzy accompanying video was directed by Timothy Heinrich. It follows June's debut track 'Holiday', which also paints 70s power pop with the indie melody of the band he's famed for playing in. 

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Photo: Dane Falkstrom