Canadian star offers protection at gigs
Michael Baggs

11:04 11th October 2013

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The Weeknd has revealed his official Kiss Land condoms, which he is currently giving away at his US live shows. See above.

Abel Tesfaye, famed for his heavily sensual music and overt sexual themes, will be offering the Kiss Land themed proection to fans at gigs in collaboration with ONE Condoms.

ONE CEO David Wedel said: "With performances known for sexy mood and vibe, The Weeknd embodies the hip, edgy, artistic character of our customers, his music evokes a passion and intimacy that perfectly complement the sensuality of ONE products."

While the condoms will be complimentary on his US dates, it is currently uncertain whether or not UK fans will be able to get their hands on them when he returns for a tour in November.

The Weeknd is not the only music star to attempt to crack into the contraceptive market in 2013, with Daft Punk also releasing a range of 'Get Lucky' condoms earlier this year. The Daft Punk condoms were believed to be official Durex products, but the company later distanced themselves from the merchandise.

With or without his condom range, The Weeknd returns to the UK in November of this year for three arena shows. Dates are below. Tickets are on sale now. For more information, visit Gigwise Gig Tickets.

Birmingham's NIA - November 22
Manchester's O2 Apollo - November 23
O2 Arena - November 26

Below: The weirdest, worst and rudest band merchandise of all time

  • One Direction make-up: because you'd turn to Harry Styles for lipstick advice, right?

  • Lucy Rose tea: it's not very rock and roll, but we all love a good brew

  • Justin Bieber pinata: a perfect opportunity to bash Bieber's face with a stick

  • Pharrell Williams 'Qream' liqueur: a 'classy' drink for ladies - at least, for ones who don't like lager

  • Grateful Dead Monopoly: the source of all Christmas arguments gets a heavy metal makeover

  • Dr Dre fridge poetry: practice your rhymes while making your breakfast

  • Keane Apron: aprons - the last word in cool

  • Katy Perry underwear: because there's nothing wrong with children wearing underwear with 'teenage dream' scrawled across their bums

  • Rammstein flambe burner: promises to 'caramelize a Creme Bruelee'

  • The Killers toothbrush: Smile like you mean it - unless you've got an electric brush, obvs

  • Kiss ketchup: this 'hotter than hell' sauce may even make you breathe fire (it won't)

  • The Rolling Stones skis: they proved they've still got it at Glasto, but can they keep up on the slopes?

  • Marky Ramone pasta sauce: true punk never dies - it just makes more bolognaise

  • Sex Pistols perfume: for those among us keen to smell like Sid Vicious. Anyone?

  • Weezer snuggie: comfort is clearly a priority for the band.

  • JLS condoms: if you have these in your bedroom, don't expect to have sex ever ever again

  • Rammstein sex kit; last but not least, the heavy metal group are offering dildos styled on each member's penis. Certainly original.

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