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Ben Lawrence

11:08 9th July 2013

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Iconic pop duo Pet Shop Boys are streaming their 12th studio album, Electric, in full. Listen below.

Although the album was originally worked on as a side project it evolved into a Pet Shop Boys album. Front man Neil Tennant told Popjustice : "When we started working on it, it was more of Chris' [Lowe] project really" But he goes on to say that they began asking themselves whether this was a 'Pet Shop Boys' record, and "the answer was yes it is".

The duo's previous album was last year's 'Elysium' which was their last contracted album for Parlophone. 'Electricity' has been released on their own record label X2 and the pair sound more energised, perhaps spurred on by the freedom that their label provides them. 

Electricity was recorded in alphabetical order and the CD is released in the UK on July 15th. 

 Listen to 'Electric' by the Pet Shop Boys below:

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