Shitboys in the house (shitboys)
Jessie Atkinson
14:19 21st September 2020

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You're in desperate need of good news, aren't you? Well, we have some. Joe & The Shitboys are releasing their debut album The Reson for Hardcore Vibes in just over a month's time. 

Everyone's favourite bisexual vegan punk band from the Faroe islands are gearing up for the release of their confrontational debut. Featuring tunes 'If You Believe In Eating Meat, Start With Your Dog', 'Life Is Great, You Suck', and the 3-second 'FuCk', it's to be a happy affair.

Read their masks and weep.

Though Mr. Motivator wasn't exactly a fan, we've loved Joe & The Shitboys since their genuinely clever, thoroughly exciting tune 'Drugs R'4 Kidz' released last year.

"Just wait till Joe & The Shitboys aka the Faroese Champions of Music return, you have never experienced hardcore vibes like this," frontman Joe Shit said.

The Reson For Hardcore Vibes Tracklist

1. Drugs R'4 Kidz
2. The Reson For Hardcore Vibes 2
3. Ram Me
4. Life Is Great You Suck
5. Wonderwall
6. Macho Man Randy Savage
7. fuCk
8. Pretend Serious
9. If You Believe In Eating Meat Start With You Dog
10. Shitboys Theme

The Reson For Hardcore Vibes arrives 23 October.

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