Your favourite bisexual, vegan punk band from the Faroe Islands are heading to the UK
Elli Chappelhow
16:45 27th February 2020

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Today we’re introducing you to Joe & The Shitboys, the Faroese shitpunks who exist solely to yell profanities at anyone and everyone, soundtracked by a brilliantly blundering garage-punk soundtrack…and they’re making their way over to the UK for the first time. Nobody is safe - prepare to be roasted.

Today, they’re here to tell you, dear reader, that ‘Life Is Great You Suck’. This charming new single from the ‘bisexual, vegan shit-punks’ follows their previous releases ‘Drugs R’4 Kidz’ and ‘If You Believe In Eating Meat Start With Your Dog’, and constitutes their longest release, at a whirlwind speed that just eclipses the one minute mark. ‘Life Is Great You Suck’ is a hurricane of thunderous drums, grumbling bass and, of course, a storm of profanities. Listen below:

The carnivores amongst you might want to make yourself scarce when Joe & The Shitboys are in town, otherwise you could find yourselves tucking into your favourite furry friend sooner than you think…If you’re not familiar with this enigmatic four-piece, they formed in the hyper-conservative Faroe Islands (a group of islands off Denmark) with the sole intention of calling out the right-wing misogynists and homophobes that plague the remote islands. With a grand total of 83 seconds of other material available online (and that’s across two tracks), Joe & The Shitboys aren’t ones to mince their words: watch them introduce their tour here…

They’ve laid waste to gymnasiums, public toilets, record shops, and skate parks in their hometown, and now they’re ready to play somewhere with a proper stage. Fríði Djurhuus a.k.a. ‘Joe’ says “We're excited to come over and make people have a good time whilst also making them feel really bad about themselves. There’s nothing we like more than yelling profanities at shitheads.”

Experience the madness at the following venues:

12 - Bournemouth, Anvil
16 - Leeds, Gold Sounds
18 - Glasgow, Hug & Pint
19 - Newcastle, Surf Café
20 - Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge
21 - London, Old Blue Last

17 - Faroe Islands, G! Festival

09 - Cornwall, Boardmasters Festival

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