Heralding a debut album from the Faroe Islands’ one (and only) punk band
Elli Chappelhow
11:17 11th June 2020

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When we introduced you to ‘your new favourite bisexual vegan punk band’, they were hatching plans to lay waste to many a UK stage, however the pandemic has robbed them of this opportunity (although has perhaps spared a few eardrums in the process). Now that’s out the window for the time being until October, the energetic four piece are showing us they’re still here, as pissed off and witty as ever, and wanting to give you a taste of their live show - albeit from the “Conservative shithole” they call home. 

Another one minute 30 stormer from the bisexual vegans after their charming track ‘Life Is Great You Suck’ quite literally blew us away, ‘The Reson for Hardcore Vibes 2’ is the next step towards their forthcoming debut album. With a chaotic sound that will definitely satisfy your pangs for the pit, coupled with lyrics such as “Eat shit, you bitch ass fish”, nobody is safe - let alone the fish… Tune in below:

Fríði Djurhuus a.k.a. Joe says “'The Reson for Hardcore Vibes 2’ is about how absolutely soulcrushing it was working at this specific fish factory, where the work days were eight hours of neither mentally or physically stimulating labour that included and was very much limited to placing fish heads on a pallet. However, Joe & The Shitboys are all about making money, so we kept the lyrics vague enough to be relatable to any hip person who is too cool for a traditional lifestyle.”

So whether you’re swanning around in a super ‘cool’ graphic design studio, or wiping toilet floors, Joe & The Shitboys are here to provide that middle ground. Yes, really. Today’s track will appear alongside ‘Life Is Great You Suck’ on an exclusive double A side release for Flying Vinyl in July.

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