Though-provoking indie pop at its best
Melissa Darragh
10:08 27th November 2020

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East Midlands duo The Tin Pigeons bring thought-provoking indie pop at its best with new track ‘Another Time’. Following up from ‘Closer’ and ‘Good Goodbye’, ‘Another Time’ is a celebration of introspection - with soft vocals, dreamy guitar riffs and an infectiously light-hearted outlook.

At a time many of us are looking at our lives through a microscope, ‘Another Time’ brings a catchy reflection on relationships, self-worth and intuition. On creating the track, the duo explain, “We wanted to write about the feeling of when a relationship breaks down but at the same time you just know it was never going to work.”

With a proven track record on the festival circuit, The Tin Pigeons have added yet another feelgood tune to their repertoire. A perfect track to bob along to in a field with a pint in hand - so let’s hope that time is sooner rather than later.

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