Huge images appear to tease 2013 release, showing the French duo's new image (and little else)
Michael Baggs

09:31 20th March 2013

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A poster campaign for Daft Punk's 2013 album has begun in London, with huge images in the UK capital revealing nothing at all about their upcoming release. See a photo of a poster below.

The below image was taken in Shoreditch, East London, showing nothing more than the image the band uploaded onto their official website and social networks on 26 Febraury 2013. Details of Daft Punk's comeback are scarce, despite having recently taken out an advert during US TV show Saturday Night Live teasing a clip of new music from their upcoming album.

A number of producers have attempted to scam fans online by uploading their music and claiming it as new Daft Punk material, but as yet no official Daft Punk single has been revealed.

The first official confirmation of the band's fourth studio album, rumoured to be titled No End, was revealed on 19 February, when Sony music registered a 13-track, 74 minute Daft Punk album with music rights compant, PPL.

See the London Daft Punk poster (which, coincidentally is around the corner from the Gigwise offices) below.

Cross the road from here and turn left and you will be at the Gigwise offices

Daft Punk have been working on their new album for nearly a year and have collaborated with Chic legend Nile Rogers on the record, whose disco influence could clearly be heard on the track sample heard on the Saturday Night Live clip.

A blog post by Rogers hinted at a Spring release for Daft Punk's new album, which follows previous releases Homework, Discovery and Human After All.

Listen to the Saturday Night Live clip below.

Below: No End - everything we know about the new Daft Punk album

  • The album title: The fourth Daft Punk album looks likely to be called No End - or at least, a leaked image seen in early September 2012 seems to suggest so. Australian dance website InTheMix published the suspiciously official looking image along with a possible release date - 3 March, 2013.

  • Glastonbury 2013?: Of course, if Daft Punk do release a new album in March next year they will need to promote it - and where better than at Glastonbury 2013, which is sure to be the biggest festival of the year. Leaked dates also include Roslkilde Festival in Denmark, Peace and Love in Sweden and Oya Festival in Norway. These would be Daft Punk's first live dates since their 2007 Alive tour.

  • Back to their disco roots: Daft Punk hit their commercial peak with their 2001 album Discovery, and are set to return to a disco sound, having teamed up with Chic main-man Nile Rogers to work on the new album. Rumours began circulating of a potential collaboration in February of 2012 - and were later confirmed by Rogers himself.

  • It will be less rushed than Human After All: Even to the most dedicated Daft Punk fan, third album Human After All was a bit of a disappointment. It was reportedly recorded in six weeks, and the noisy, repetitive sounds on the album was testament to that. However, with Nile Rogers and Daft Punk beginning jamming sessions for the album in February - that means Daft Punk have already spent over six times as long working on No End as they did Human After All...

  • Nile Rogers isn't the only disco legend to have worked on the album: As well as Nile Rogers, disco legend Giorgio Moroder has also worked on the new album, having recorded a spoken-word monologue about his life in Spring 2012. His contribution was recorded using microphones from the 1960s to present day - each to represent a decade in the life of the 72-year-old producer and songwriter

  • No End is 'as good as Madonna's best pop work': After working with Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem Christo on their album, Nile Rogers had high praise for the next album, comparing it to his finest work. He told Mixmag in August: "It's as great as being in a studio with Bowie, it's as great as being with Bernard Edwards, and it's as great as the best stuff I've ever done with Duran Duran and Madonna.”

  • A more cinematic album?: Never ones to do things on a small scale, Daft Punk's last album release was the epic Tron:Legacy soundtrack - and a sense of the cinematic has rubbed off the French duo, having worked with Paul Williams - the mad behind Hollywood soundtracks such as Bugsy Malone, Smokey & The Bandit and perhaps most importantly - The Muppet Christmas Carol. Epic, cinematic disco house? Count us in.

  • Rumoured tracks include 'Renoma Street': We all got very excited in the summer when it was revealed a new Daft Punk track 'Renoma Street' was due for release in July 2012. Then it didn't happen so we all went and listened to Homework for the millionth time. The track was named by French dance magazine Tsugi, who hopefully took their listing from some whisper of truth.

  • No End is likely to be styled as ever: Daft Punk made a fashionable mark on the music world during their Discovery era, adopting robot helmets and, of course, slick black leather outfits - designered by Saint Laurent legend, Hedi Slimane. Daft Punk put together a playlist for the Saint Laurent show at this year's Paris Fashion Week, showing their relationship is still strong - or perhaps repaying whatever designs her has provided for their upcoming return to the music world...

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