Another piece of the Somebody's Knocking reworking
Jessie Atkinson
12:07 4th August 2020

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Mark Lanegan and IYEARA have shared the latest single in their collaborative project - a dark wave reimagining of 2019's Somebody's Knocking. 'She Loved You' gets the IYEARA treatment in the new cut ahead of the album's release later this month - and you can hear it first all day on Gigwise.

Like lead single 'Playing Nero', IYEARA have made a newly ominous job of 'She Loved You'. There are big disco vibes on this one too, but think of a disco swirling with smoke and cloaked in darkness:

Another Knock At The Door is an album that sees all of 2019's Somebody's Knocking reworked and reimagined by IYEARA - a group comprised of The Duke Spirit's Toby Butler, producer Malcolm Carson and vocalist Paul O'Keeffe.

"We wanted to give this track a lazy dark disco feel. Like Giorgio Moroder embracing Tom Waits after a few bottles of red. In the context of the album we needed some glittery wooze!" Butler said of the latest cut. 

Read an interview with Mark Lanegan, in which he dives deep into the Somebody's Knocking LP here. 

Another Knock At The Door (IYEARA Remixes) Tracklist

1. Disbelief Suspension (IYEARA Remix)
2. Letter Never Sent (IYEARA Remix)
3. Night Flight To Kabul (IYEARA Remix)
4. Dark Disco Jab (IYEARA Remix)
5. Gazing From The Shore(IYEARA Remix)
6. Stitching It Up (IYEARA Remix)
7. Playing Nero (IYEARA Remix)
8. Penthouse High (IYEARA Remix)
9. Paper Hat (IYEARA Remix)
10. Name & Number (IYEARA Remix)
11. War Horse (IYEARA Remix)
12. Radio Silence (IYEARA Remix)
13. She Loved You (IYEARA Remix)
14. Two Bells Ringing At Once (IYEARA Remix

Another Knock At The Door (IYEARA Remixes) arrives 21 August via Flooded Soil Recordings.

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