It announces the Welsh band's signing to Big Indie Records
Jessie Atkinson
10:22 16th September 2020

Newcomers Rosehip Teahouse give great melody on their brand new single 'I Meant What I Said'. The sweet sounds of the new cut announce the Welsh band's signing to Austin-based label Big Indie Records.

Bedroom popsters by definition, Rosehip Teahouse reach out to full, glorious heartfelt indie on their new single. Echoes of The Cranberries and The Cardigans fan out across exquisite vocals and stargazing guitars.

"'I Meant What I Said' is my apology note" band songwriter and vocalist Faye Rogers said "I wrote this song a couple of years ago in a time where I was acting purelyon emotion, getting overwhelmed and then running away. In this particular situation, I ran away to Copenhagen with my flatmate."

Photo: Adam Whitmore