A compelling new slice of heaven
Jessie Atkinson
10:00 28th September 2020

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Phantom Isle return to the site today with their compelling new single 'Whip'. Packed full of samples and licks, it's a sugar rush through disco, indie and new wave. Hear it first on Gigwise today.

The track time travels from 80s electro-pop to 90s techno and back to the 70s again on a new wave tide. Rising cymbals and bass drums flood the club-like surrounds of the cut, which boogies abounding on the back of that glorious electric guitar solo.

Give the maximalist track a listen:

I wrote the lyrics by putting myself back into the mindset of my teenage years," drummer Sam Thorne said. "It was a very turbulent time for me, and my mind became a hotbed of chaotic thoughts and selfish decisions. This song explores an alternate history that never happened."

Phantom Isle last crossed our radar in July with the release of 'Mar V', a track with impressive and "beguiling" use of synth.

Phantom Isle tour dates will arrive soon. 

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Photo: Julia Lucas