Part of next month's Call Your Mum
Jessie Atkinson
11:18 19th January 2021

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Bristolian newcomers Goan Dogs are following up last year's huge banger 'Shut Up' with another great piece of their repertoire. 'Drinking On a School Night' is more a of a bulging, laidback effort from the band, and shows us an equally alluring side to the electro-guitar slingers as we've already seen.

With some of the style of Glass Animals but with their own idiosyncratic flair, Goan Dogs stretch out the percussion and synth on 'Drinking On A School Night' so it becomes one sinuous neon-lit stumble through a nightlife strip.

We think you'll love it, and you can hear it all day on Gigwise before it's out now:

The single is the sixth to be taken from the five-piece's forthcoming debut album Call Your Mum. On that release, the band said "the album is filled with lost people, unfulfilled people, confused people, heartsick people and anxious people.”

On 'Drinking On A School Night', that lost protagonist sounds a lot like all of us. Set in the future, it sets up the idea that "you’re not going to know whether to drown your
sorrows or start dancing. We suggest you do both."

Call Your Mum arrives 5 February.

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