Uma will release her sophomore EP in 2021
Jessie Atkinson
12:17 17th November 2020

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You'll be holding your breath as you listen to this new one from Uma, who has once again teamed up with collaborator and partner Lucy Lu for the otherwordly 'Black Bees'.

Watery and delicate, 'Black Bees' is a wombing, shifting slither of electronic emotion, Uma and Lucy Lu exchanging whispered lines to one another over shimmering threads of guitar and synth.

A reconciliation after the battle, ‘Black Bees’ is about learning to love someone through the darkness and the light," Uma explained. “We are both stubborn and competitive but the collaborative space we’ve created together is very freeing and extremely honest and I think you can hear that in the songs we’ve written."

Moth & Dove EP will arrive in early 2021.

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