'I feel like I’m living in the new age of the Roaring 20s'
Jessie Atkinson
15:25 15th January 2021

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Flo Milli, who made a name for herself with last year's breakthrough album Ho, why is you here? has shared a brand new single in the form of 'Roaring 20s'. Boisterous, pithy and smart, it's the beginning of a new era for the Alabama rapper.

Featuring a Fiddler on the Roof sample of 'If I Were A Rich Man' and some of Milli's flow mimicking that carousel melody, the song - like all of Milli's work - gets straight to the point.

"You can’t hate on pussy if it rule the planet":

Addressing the title of the song, as well as the period of turmoil we are all currently living through, Milli said: “The Roaring 20s was a period in history of dramatic social and political change. Last year I was able to break through during a very difficult time for not only our country but, the world. Born in 2000, and having my breakout year in 2020, I feel like I’m living in the new age of the Roaring 20s"

She went on to compare herself to flappers, saying "My lyrics, my style and my lifestyle all resonate with that freedom and I AM the Roaring 20s.”

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Photo: Spike Jordan