An accomplished debut
Jessie Atkinson
12:46 20th August 2020

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Leeds-based newcomer JWestern has shared 'Call You Right Now' by way of celebrating his signing to record label Heist or Hit. He joins labelmates Pizzagirl and Brad Stank on the influential indie imprint.

For a debut single, 'Call You Right Now' is particularly accomplished. JWestern appears almost fully formed with lush electronic soundscapes and light'n'bright guitars. His vocals have the ambivalence of Jimothy Lacoste and some of the intensity and earnesty of Arlo Parks.

Give his debut a listen:

Talking on the song's themes, JWestern said: "At the time of writing the track I was going through quite a bad patch in a relationship that I knew my heart wasn’t fully in, but I didn’t know how to express how I was feeling, so lyrically the song really became my outlet."

Looking forward to more. 

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Photo: Aubrey Simpson