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Jessie Atkinson
10:23 21st April 2021

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pizzagirl continues with his 8-bit emo today on 'Bullet Train', another single taken from the forthcoming album Softcore Mourn, out this July.

Like a smush-up of The 1975 and R2D2, 'Bullet Train' is a real sugar rush of an electro-pop track: the kind of thing you'd listen to in the car, so long as you keep an eye on your steering (can't you imagine swerving all over the shop while bopping to this?)

"Over the last year or so I've been screaming, sighing, crying and lying at my computer, which has manifested into my aptly titled second album "Softcore Mourn". This first single "Car Freshener Aftershave" is a cold reminder to the internet that I still exist and I still haven't figured that out yet."

On 'Bullet Train' he added: "Another breakup song I think, but this time at 200mph. I sound really bitter on this, and for good reason."

Softcore Mourn Tracklist:

1. Softcore Mourn
2. Car Freshener Aftershave
3. Al Pacino
4. Bullet Train
5. By The Way
6. Your Flat Earth Brother (In The Blades Of Grass)
7. Golden Ratio
8. Moreno
9. Sugar Ray
10. My Favourite Restaurant
11. Download The Pain

Softcore Mourn arrives 16 July via Heist Or Hit.

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Photo: Kate Davies