And it might be the coolest thing you hear today
Vicky Greer
11:44 12th May 2021

Krush Puppies have really pushed the boundaries with their newest single, ‘Slay The Dragon’, out now on Strong Island Recordings.

‘Slay The Dragon’ experiments with a fuzzy, dark medieval sound – the new genre that you didn’t know you needed. It’s experimental, it’s bold, and it’s like nothing you’ve heard before. The message isn’t a total fantasy, as dragon-slaying here represents “transcending the monsters we’ve all had to endure”.

Having toured with other alternative game-changers like Squid, Krush Puppies show that you don’t have to follow trends to make amazing music. ‘Slay The Dragon’ is a short offering of what they have to give at just under two minutes, but it definitely leaves you wanting more.

Photo: Kirsten Allen