The Beautiful Show livestream is coming in December
Jessie Atkinson
11:14 27th October 2020

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard have shared a brand new single '30,000 Megabucks'. It's the first music from the Welsh group since the 30-minute Non-Stop EP earlier this year and yet more evidence of their brilliance.

Classic rock'n'rollers come right this way: Marc Bolan is reincarnate in Tom Rees and his band of guitar-slingers. You might be able to hear some of the incredulity of the subject matter in Rees' voice here too. That's because the song has some quite specific inspiration: "‘30,000 Megabucks’ was inspired by a seemingly ridiculous but very real request from an old publishing agency that I was with, who wanted £30,000 to release me from the deal."

"The ‘Mega’ element comes from the total amount of nuclear bombing power required to completely devastate all human life on planet Earth, which is 30,000 megatons" Rees added.

You can see Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard play it live on The Beautiful Show, a live stream taking place on 9 December. The stream comes live from Cardiff Bay’s Portland House, where the first £1m cheque was cashed. Pretty neat. 

Photo: Pooneh Ghana