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Jessie Atkinson
11:22 4th August 2020

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Greentea Peng has shared another new single today in the form of the deceptively chill-out 'Hu Man', the latest in a string of awesome 2020 releases. It's a Bossa Nova, finger-picked soul adventure that reconfirms the Londoner as an exciting part of the future of the scene.

Longtime collaborator Earbuds produced the track with the singer-songwriter - they made a neat job of that groove and the breezy vibe - it's in sharp contrast to lyrics which battle with the self. 

"Hu Man is an exploration of self and our attachment to identity, especially in this modern age...Hu Man is a war cry from the battlefield of mind, calling to the divine Mother to take this ego, take this head, to remove all these words and man made constructs and take me, take us,  back to centre" she said. 

Greentea Peng recently featured on The Streets' single 'I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him'. She shared a song lamenting the state of London gentrification on 'Ghost Town'.

More, reportedly, is coming soon. 



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