It’s an impassioned anthem for London, touching on themes of gentrification and community spirit
Elli Chappelhow
14:53 5th March 2020

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After an impressive 2019, Greentea Peng returns with a taste of new material in the form of latest single ‘Ghost Town’. It's the most overtly political track to date from songwriter Aria Wells, foretelling a UK tour beginning tomorrow (6 March).

Rich, jazzy instrumentation melds with RnB and ska on the new cut: perhaps a sonic ode to The Specials’ track of the same name that came before: like their ‘Ghost Town’, this track is vital comment on Wells’ city, how cultural spaces are being swallowed, all in the crushing hands of the powers that be. "Please don’t take my city from me" she pleads.  

Greentea’s vocal lines are like wisps of silver-grey smoke that curl and dance their way through the thick smog of her beloved hometown of London, where rents and angers rise as steadily as the smoke from an extinguished fire. That is what Greentea Peng feels like London is becoming: an extinguished fire, rapidly losing its character and blaze.

Watch the masterful Melody-Maker directed video here:

She expands: “GHOST TOWN is inspired by a Dub Judah dubplate I heard at an Iration Steppas gig. Call it gentrification, call it social cleansing, either way you are making it clear that your vision for this city does not include us. This song is not just for London. This song is for all of us, all of our cities, all of our towns and all of us people who bring these places to life. It’s about our fundamental right to thrive in the communities we were born into and grew up in. It's about the loss of soul in these soon to be ghost towns.”

This month, Greentea Peng takes to the road, including playing a set at the BBC 6 Music Festival. She has also sold out her show at the legendary Jazz Café.


06 - London, BBC 6 Music Festival 
22 - Leeds, Headrow House
24 - Glasgow, Audio
25 - Manchester, Soup Kitchen – SOLD OUT
26 - London, Jazz Café – SOLD OUT
28 - Coventry - Central Library
29 - Birmingham, Hare & Hounds


 18 - Rotterdam, Motel Mozaique

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