Brandon Flowers back on form after illness
Grace Carroll

12:36 18th November 2012

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The Killers are back to business - with frontman Brandon Flowers overcoming his recent throat issues to perform in London on Saturday night (17 November, 2012).

Flowers had to end the band's recent Manchester show early, after only five songs, due to a sore throat - but he seemed to be back in full health at The Killers' London O2 Arena gig last night.

He told the crowd that he was "feeling OK", but also asked them to "keep their fingers crossed" that he would be able to make it through the entire show, which he did. 

The Killers opened with their hit 'Mr Brightside', and also played songs including 'Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine', 'When You Were Young', 'Battle Born' and 'All These Things That I've Done'.

Their cover of U2's 'With Or Without You' followed their performance of 'A Dustland Fairytale' - watch the video below.

The band also spoke to NME about keeping prices affordable for their show at Wembley Stadium next year, which will be the band's biggest UK gig - and they won't be taking any tips from the Rolling Stones.

Ronnie Vannucci, drummer for the band, said, "We do our best to keep things out of the sky, to keep prices low for T-shirts and s**t like that.

"We've gotten into many p**sing matches trying to keep gigs as fan friendly as possible, and we'll do the same with Wembley."

He finished by adding that they will also be careful with their special effects, saying, "We'll have s**t going on. But it's a fine line. When do you stop being The Killers and turn into Kiss?"

Below - Brandon Flowers quits The Killers gig: who else has pulled a sickie?

  • The Killers- The Las Vegas rockers' current tour has been left hanging in the balance. They were forced to cut short their Manchester gig after just five songs last night, due to Brandon Flowers' sore throat.

  • Justin Bieber: The teen sensation was seen vomiting on stage on his US tour in September, but rather than call off the show and send thousands of teenage girls into fits of depression, he powered on through. Good for you, Biebs.

  • U2: In 2010, U2 were forced to cancel their first ever headline set at Glastonbury because frontman Bono injured his back at a gig a couple of months before. The band returned for the set in 2011, and U2 fans at the 2010 event were slightly recompensed when The Edge joined Muse on the pyramid stage.

  • Fergie: In 2005 at a gig in San Diego, Black Eyed Peas fans were shocked to see the singer relieve herself on stage. She later claimed the suspicious stain in the crotch of her trousers was sweat - but there weren't many who bought it!

  • Lady Gaga: The 'Poker Face' star said she was 'exhausted' while still in the throes of her Born This Way tour. And her extensive gigging came to a head in Barcelona last month when she was seen vomiting live on stage. Oh dear...

  • Chuck Berry: At a gig in Chicago last year, 86-year-old guitar legend Chuck Berry sat down to his keyboard while his guitar was being tuned. Fans were then shocked when he fell face down onto the keys and the performance had to be abruptly halted. Luckily Berry was discharged from hospital two days later, and is still touring!

  • Amy Winehouse: In 2007 Amy Winehouse had to leave the stage at London's G-A-Y to empty the contents of her stomach - nice. To the audience's dismay she didn't return. Why? You guessed it... she'd had a bit to drink that day.

  • The Joy Formidable: Last month the rockers were poised to perform to the biggest audience of their career when they were down to support Muse at London's O2 Arena. But singer Mitzy Bryan's sore throat meant the band had to pass up the 'once in a lifetime' opportunity.

  • David Bowie: In 2004 the king of glam rock narrowly avoided serious injury in what remains one of the most bizarre on-stage incidents. At a festival in Oslo a fan threw a lollipop at the stage, which became lodged in the singer's eyelid. Ouch!

  • The Rolling Stones: In the early 90s the Stones were forced to pull a huge gig in Wales and a number of subsequent tour dates. Turned out Keth Richards had got a gash on his finger a couple of days earlier which had almost immediately become infected. Look after yourself this November, Keith!

  • Rihanna: In 2008 Rihanna was in Sydney bringing her set to an exciting crescendo by performing 'Umbrella' with Chris Brown. But half-way through the track she ran off stage complaining of stomach pains - and left Brown to close her show on his own.

  • The Who: In 1989 Pete Townsend of The Who severed his right hand while performing his signature 'windmill' move. But let's not forget that Pete is seriously old school, and the legend just wrapped it up, picked his guitar back up, and hasn't missed a single Who gig since. What a trooper!

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