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Jason Gregory

14:14 11th October 2011

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Bjork has defended creating an app for Apple's iPad to accompany her new album 'Biophilia'.

The album, which was released this week, has been praised by critics, but fans have expressed reservations over the app.

In a web chat with The Guardian, Bjork was asked: "Isn't all the interactive stuff just a distraction from the music and an advertisement for Apple? Not many people own or can afford Apple products.”

To which she replied that she values “the music first and last”, but admitted that a lot of focus had been put on the interactive features.

“I agree, in the interviews I have been doing they seem to put way more importance into that side of things than the songs,” she said.

“Like every fifth interview I would be asked one song question. My angle on the touchscreens is that they help me lay out the tools I want to work with when I'm writing.

“This time around I was interested in structures from nature and playing with them and singing along. I did this with a touchscreen called Lemur. We have been working with touchscreens like Lemurs and reactable since 2005, 2006. Four years before the iPad came out.

She added: “When the iPad came out, we had already spent two years writing and programming the songs on a touchscreen. So it seemed silly to not put it out on a touchscreen. I think it will be soon enough that touchscreens will be cheap and available to everyone.”

'Biophilia' is out now – check out screenshots from the app on Gigwise below.

Bjork's Biophilia iPad App

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