He says low album sales are due to people liking pop music...
David Renshaw

11:39 26th October 2009

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Bono has said he is disappointed that U2's latest album 'No Line On The Horizon' has failed to sell as well as their previous efforts.

The album has sold a million copies but still remains the Irish acts lowest selling album of the decade.

Bono speculated the reason for the low sales was down to the fact the record does not cater to the 'Diet of pop' the public likes.

“We weren't really in that mindset,” Bono told the Associated Press. "We felt that the 'album' is almost an extinct species, and we (tried to) create a mood and feeling, and a beginning, middle and an end. And I suppose we've made a work that is a bit challenging for people who have grown up on a diet of pop stars."

"(We didn't) pull off the pop songs," Bono admitted.

Bassist Adam Clayton agreed. “The commercial challenges have to be confronted," he said, “but I think, in a sense, the more interesting challenge is: 'What is rock'n'roll in this changing world?'”

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Photo: Carsten Windhorst