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Jason Gregory

15:56 16th September 2008

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The Cure's Robert Smith has told the bands fans not to buy their new remix EP, 'Hypnagogic States', from Apple's iTunes music store because of its cost.

Smith called the five-track EP's £7.99 price tag “absurd”, insisting that his record label had “fuck[ed] this up to another level”.

'Hypnagogic States' features remixes of the Cure's recent spate of singles by such artists as Fall Out Boy and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Although all proceeds go to the International Red Cross, Smith urged fans to wait for a cheaper edition of the release.

"It's fab and the money ... is going to a good cause but please only buy this 5-track EP from iTunes when it is available for around £4.00 or less and you get the free [65 Days of Static] remix [as well],” he wrote on the band's website.

Smith also confirmed that the band's new album will be released on October 28th instead of October 13th, as had been planned.

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Photo: Carsten Windhorst