Warning, there's some horrible ones...

17:18 19th March 2008

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Following the unveiling of the new James album last week, Gigwise has put together a gallery of the top fifty controversial album covers of all time.

The poignant James album cover, showing a baby reaching for a handgun, caused such a stir amongst PR companies that it is unlikely the image will be used to advertise the album.

If you think that sounds controversial, think again.  The Gigwise gallery uncovers some of the most horrifying and disgusting album artwork used to date. CLICK HERE to see the list in full.

Whilst some artists have fallen foul of the modern world’s scruples, such as the Arctic Monkeys ‘promoting’ smoking and The Rolling Stones’ harmless toilet humour, others have shown a deliberate desire to shock with sensational images of sex and violence.

A few of the covers we discovered were unfortunate bloopers, where misplaced fingers were mistaken for penises. Others attempted humour with deliberately comic doctored images.

However, the worst perpetrators are undoubtedly metalheads.  With artwork including pubescent nudity, defaced bibles, mutilated corpses and real-life suicide, there seems no limit to the gory extent some artists will go to disturb the buying public.

Viewers be warned!  Some of the covers featured are highly offensive and definitely not for the fainthearted. If you haven't followed the link already, CLICK HERE



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