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Jason Gregory

15:52 4th March 2008

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Bjork has angered fans in China after she shouted “Tibet, Tibet” at the end of a concert in the country.

The gesture, which followed her song ‘Declare Independence’, has been called “disrespectful” on one Chinese website.

Tibet lost its independence to the Peoples Republic of China in 1951 and ever since the subject has been considered taboo.

On another website, one fan said that Bjork had "behaved like an angry young person, acting in an underhand manner, not like Brad Pitt and Richard Gere, who are better known Free Tibet supporters".

According the BBC, there was no booing after the outburst, although fans are reported to have left the venue quickly.

Last month, at a performance in Japan, Bjork dedicated the same song to the people of Kosovo - which declared independence from Serbia on February 17th.   

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Photo: Shirlaine Forrest