Gorgeous, restrained writing
Jessie Atkinson
10:09 16th September 2020

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Slowthai has returned with a beautiful new single featuring James Blake and Mount Kimbie. It's accompanied by a surreal video set in a warped maternity ward.

It's an about turn for the Northampton rapper, who has most recently poured forth a river of anger in singles 'Enemy' and 'BB (BodyBag)'.

Here, Slowthai is more reserved, testament perhaps to the fact that this tune has been dedicated to his baby brother Michael John, who passed away a year ago. 'Feel Away' is a gorgeous, restrained yet multifarious balm.

Hear the luscious new sounds:

“This song is about the doubts we have whether it be within friendships, your partner or with our family. It’s about putting yourself in the other person’s shoes so you have a better understanding of the situation" Slowthai said.

And as for that video: it takes Everything Is Cake to the next level. Yikes.

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