A live favourite finally gets its release
Jessie Atkinson
10:33 31st July 2020

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Close on the heels of the release of third album The Prettiest Curse, Hinds have shared a cover of The Clash classic 'Spanish Bombs'. It's a live favourite that's finally got its own release. 

Aye, it's a good one. Hinds bring, if possible, even more raucousness to the classic, their cover spiking with screaming feedback and adrenaline. Thrashing and fun, it's a carefree interpretation of the London Calling cut.

The group reference the iconic album with bubblegum pink and radioactive green on the album art for the cover:

"As Apaniards, we don’t usually get shout outs in songs, like “New York” or “London”, so The Clash writing a song about our civil war made us feel honoured" Carlotta said. "The Clash were my mom's forever favourite band and Ade's parents also, so it is always beautiful to connect generations through music," she added.

The cover follows the June release of Hinds' third album The Prettiest Curse, an album we called "engaging, passionate...resilient and smart." And what is the prettiest curse of all? Why, being in a band of course.


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Photo: Rodrigo Autric