Jarvis Cocker + co. live from a cave
Jessie Atkinson
12:17 20th July 2020

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Hot off the release of their brand new album Beyond The Pale, JARV IS... have announced a special online screening. The film will run for 24 hours from tomorrow (21 July) online and present Jarvis Cocker's latest project live from the centre of the Earth (a cave).

A "wonderfully groove-driven and dance-worthy album" with that special "warped songwriting style" of the Britpop icon, Beyond The Pale is a genuinely exciting full-length, and no doubt the matching live performance will be just as beguiling.

I mean: look at the trailer!

Beyond the Pale was written (& partially recorded) in front of a live audience, so it feels extra-strange not to be able to take it on the road at the moment,” Cocker said. “Fortunately, our friends Iain & Jane suggested a way round the problem: set up our equipment in a cave & they would film the results. We have invented a new way of playing a concert.”

You heard the man: the show was recorded in a cave. You can see it all day tomorrow (21 July) from 8pm BST. Watch it then here.

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