It's a cut from recent album New Me, Same Us
Jessie Atkinson
16:26 1st July 2020

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A visually-stunning new video arrives for Little Dragon's cut 'Where You Belong' today. It's part of the recently-released album New Me, Same Us and is an ode to the thrill and vibrancy of live shows and touring. 

Touching moments that take place in crowds are gorgeously captured in the footage for this track, which is a typically uplifting slice of electronic funk-pop from the leaders in the genre.

The band perform in a yellow room for the video, but it's in backstage moments and clips from live shows of old that the video conveys its most powerful message. The jist? Live music fucking rocks.

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Released in March, we called New Me, Same Us an "important statement from a band who have managed to keep control of their own process." In an interview, the four-piece told us "we worked hard at finding the courage to let go of our egos."

Footage for the video spans archive footage collected by the band and Swedish filmmaker Pether Lindgren. 


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Photo: Mous Lamrabat