A series of matinee performances for charity
Jessie Atkinson
10:32 29th June 2020

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One of 2020's last-standing festivals Iceland Airwaves have confirmed three performances from the most famous Icelanders of all: Björk. Three special Orkestral matinee shows will be live-streamed from Harpa Hall in aid of domestic women's charities worldwide.

In a lengthy note, the artist confirmed her shows, which will take place in August. "The concerts will be 'unplugged' or acoustic and performed without beats and electronics," she said. She also confirmed that a series of Icelandic musicians will join her on stage - all artists who have featured on her records in recent years.

The Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, Flute Septet Viibra and more collaborators will join her for the performances.

"I feel we are going through extraordinary times," Björk added. "Horrifying but also an opportunity to truly change. It is demanded of us that we finally confront all racism, that we learn that lives are more important than profit, and look inside of us and finecomb out all of our hidden prejudices and privileges."

Money raised from ticket sales to the concerts - which will take place with a real-life audience as well as being streamed online - will go to Kvennaathvarfid, a charity that supports women and immigrants within Iceland.

The news follows confirmation that Iceland Airwaves will take place this winter. Eurovision sensation Daði Freyr is one of several performers. 


09 - with Hamrahlìð Choir, Porgerður Ingólfsdóttir and Bergur Pórisson
15 - with strings from Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and conductor Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason
23 - with brass from Icelandic Symphony Orhcestra, Flute Septet Viibra and harp from Katie Buckley and Jónas Sen

Iceland Airwaves takes place 4-7 November 2020

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