Post-punk by way of a Stephen King-penned game show host
Jessie Atkinson
15:10 27th May 2020

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Some vibrant sounds meeting at the junction between The Fall and Viagra Boys today: TV Priest have revealed their second single 'Runner Up' and we're even bigger fans of this than their recent - and excellent - debut.

"Here's what you could have won" Charlie Drinkwater growls like a game show host straight out of a Stephen King-penned nightmare. Angry and exasperated, 'Runner Up' sounds a lot like the exhaustion of living in the modern world.

Like any good post-punk band, TV Priest rail against the status quo with the help of a couple of guitars that sound like they number in their hundreds.

Hear it:

"It’s about white goods, Protestant work ethic, Catholic guilt, game shows, not dancing at the Christmas party, four-car garages, meal deals, spam folders, lotteries, carrots and sticks" frontman Drinkwater confirms.

'Runner Up' follows up debut track 'House of York' - an "ultimately chaotic" song "with cuts of fuzzy distortion creating a disorienting yet thrilling listening experience."

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