Sonic chaos aplenty
Matty Pywell
10:51 15th April 2020

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TV Priest have unveiled their debut single, ‘House Of York’, the first work from a group of friends from the outskirts of London.

Knowing each other since their youth, the band went on separate paths before inevitably coming together again to form TV Priest. ‘House Of York’ was recorded, engineered and mastered by the band themselves. Their sound is ultimately chaotic, with cuts of fuzzy distortion creating a disorienting yet thrilling listening experience. Listen below:

And the band are unafraid to tackle large themes, “‘House Of York’ broadly addresses the approach to class and the philosophical and psychological impact a monarchy has had on our country. The idea of an ordained family, traditionally and historically appointed by ‘God’, has defined our country in both ways, both good and bad. We were interested in the less positive outcomes this sense of ‘leadership’ has had, how an individual is conflated with a national ‘cause’ or set of rights and macro actions. Can the UK ever truly be meritocratic with a principle like a constitutional monarch? Our guess is probably not.”

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