How Would You Know I Was Lonely? will drop 21 June via Moshi Moshi Records
Elli Chappelhow

14:56 25th April 2019

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South London natives The Rhythm Method have made their long awaited return to add a whole lot more than a bit o’ rhythm to your life. Today, The band have dropped a track from their forthcoming album, ‘Sex And The Suburbs’, which is their majestic narrative of suburban mundanity, “Once upon a time in Middlesex…”. This track is an anthem for those rail replacement bus journeys home, set to their idiosyncratic blend of synth-pop with smatterings of funk inflections. 

The charismatic couple narrate the struggle and strife of Suburban life, with razor sharp working class wit. These off-kilter, sincere pop tracks will get you singing along - a dose of Rhythm Method boogie is the antidote to an insincere culture, something we’ve been in need of for a considerable while. There’s no self aggrandising, just brilliantly frank phonetical descriptions of mundane life. It’s infectiously intelligent. At first listen you could say that some of the references are too specific, almost rendering them awkward, yet the underlying themes are still universal.

Their lyrical insights position The Rhythm Method alongside legendary British storytellers such as The Kinks with their sentimental city songs such as Waterloo Sunset, as well as the storyteller himself Mike Skinner, who has produced ‘Cruel’. After singles such as ‘Something For The Weekend’, ‘Party Politics’ and ‘Home Sweet Home’ garnered The Rhythm Method a cult following, with artists such as Wolf Alice, Shame, Suggs and Skinner calling themselves fans, there’s no doubt you should be too. 

Flitting from subjects as profound as lack-of-identity politics and insincere culture, to yellow-label dinners, The Rhythm Method manage to package them up in a brilliantly hummable (and humble) package. They capture the present day in such a poignant yet frank and relatable manner, exploring the bleak desperation of unrequited love, failed relationships and yearning - it wouldn’t be premature to say that How Would You Know I Was Lonely? will be a very important record of our times.


  1. Salad Cream
  2. 2. Ode 2 Joey
  3. 3. Tomato
  4. 4. Something For The Weekend
  5. 5. Single Life
  6. 6. Magic Hour
  7. 7. Local, Girl
  8. 8. Continental Breakfast
  9. 9. Anonymous
  10. 10. Cruel ft. Zoee
  11. 11. Sex And The Suburbs
  12. Wandsworth Plain ft. Chris Difford

How Would You Know I Was Lonely? will drop June 21st via Moshi Moshi Records.

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Photo: Lewis Robinson