It'll be 'completely different' from debut....
Chris Taylor

10:50 27th April 2007

Pete Doherty has revealed Babyshambles are going to be recording new material with respected producer Stephen Street.

The knobtwiddler has previously sprinkled his production golddust over recordings by The Smiths, Blur and er, the Kaiser Chiefs, but Pete says it was Stephen’s comments about Graham Coxon were responsible for the hook up.

He tells the NME, “We're going in the studio with Stephen Street soon, we're going to make a start.

"I found it quite interesting a few things he said. I read in NME he said Graham Coxon is one of the finest guitar players he's ever worked with and I've always thought he's underrated.

“He gets plenty of praise but there's something special about Graham Coxon. I don't know, that comment from Stephen always stuck in my head."

Doherty also says his band’s second album with be “totally different” to their debut ‘Down In Albion’.

“It's completely different this time around, completely different. Not that we didn't feel confident before, I don't know what I was feeling. This one is more human."

As ‘Down In Albion’ was largely a post-heroin dirge, that can only be a good thing.