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Daniel Melia

12:53 10th April 2007

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If you’ve been anywhere near Myspace lately you’ll have no doubt heard of LDN Is A Victim and it seems the famous faces it parodies have too, especially Lily Allen.

The song which attacks the faux-cockney accents and middle class backgrounds of Lily Allen, Kate Nash, Jamie T, Jack Penate et al is becoming something of an underground hit and gets a full release on April 23.

So far the person behind the track is yet to be revealed but rumours are rife that it could be the work of Chris Morris – although we highly doubt it.

Responding to the song Allen posted: "So what if we’re middle class? Just cause your mum was too lazy to get her fat ass up off the sofa and make some cash.

“I shouldn't be able to make tunes yeah? (which is more than you're doing by the way.) Kate nash is well better than you, as are all the other people you talk about.
”Anyways I’m off to meet Jack Penate, Jamie T and The Maccabees for cucumber and cheese sandwiches in the conservatory.

“Thanks for the song it really has made us see the light, now we know where we belong.”

Meow! You can listen to the track here

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