Little Man Tate are berated...
Daniel Melia

12:55 3rd April 2007

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Sheffield may be a rising force in the current UK music scene but is seems Jarvis Cocker doesn’t think much of the music being made in his home city.

When questioned about he thoughts on the current crop emerging from the Steel City he gave scant praise to Arctic Monkeys but only criticism for the Little Man Tate and The Long Blondes.

“I'm glad that Sheffield's got some attention. I mean just because somebody's in Sheffield doesn't mean it's good,” he said.

On the Arctic Monkeys he told Pitchfork: “I think the Arctic Monkeys are pretty good, I heard the new track by them (‘Brianstorm’ )the other day, which I liked.”

Long Blondes front woman Kate Jackson came in for a bit of a tongue lashing though, says Cocker: “The Long Blondes, I can't listen to more than about three songs.

“They're nice people, but there's just something about the frequency of their voice. In a way it reminds me of Barbara Streisand.

“You know how Barbara Streisand obviously has technically got a great voice, but she's a master of the held note, so you've got a note that will last about eight seconds, and it fucking drives me insane.

“And it makes you feel out of breath as well. And somehow Kate (Jackson) seems a little bit like that. There are some good songs on that record, but I can't listen to the whole album.”

He then gave Little Man Tate short shrift by finishing: “There's a group called Little Man Tate, who are an absolute pile of shit.”
Wouldn’t go home for a while Jarvis!

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